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New Contrast

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Four from New Contrast 143

New Contrast 143 cover


round the corpse of the hero
dance the flies of nostalgia

– Kelwyn Sole
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New Contrast 143

On Sale tonight at Off-the-Wall at a Touch of Madness

How to submit your work to me

I only accept electronic submissions unless you have a very good reason for sending me paper. A very good reason would be that you are in prison.

Otherwise, send me your work as an email attachment to The attachment must be one of three types of document: DOC (Microsoft Word and other programs), RTF (any word processor), TXT (any PC).

If the document is more than a page long, number the pages. Print your name, postal address, email address, telephone number, and a brief bio on the first page. Your name must appear on every page.
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Four from New Contrast 142

New Contrast 142 - Cover


exercise 2.5.4: starling

you starled and then you lawnded. i breathed smoke
and, while you floraged, drained my coffee-cup.

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Four from New Contrast 141

New Contrast 141

the invisible poem

the invisible poem pre-exists
so that the reader reading thinks
‘but that’s what I was thinking all along’

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Four from New Contrast 140


Small Boat

She sails far south,
into growlers and ice.
Yet she is well-fitted,
crafted like a dolphin to love the sea.
When light fills her high sail
it flashes through the mind’s eye
though she is far beyond
satellite and radio.

Ken Barris

New Contrast 140This is the final issue of the 2007 volume of New Contrast. It is late, I hope for the last time.

This is also the last cover of this set of my love, Sonja Wilker’s, paintings. I hope you have admired them as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you. The 2008 volume will feature a new set of artwork and a new artist.

This issue also brings you an etching by Mimi van der Merwe whose work appeared in the Contrast volume of 1964. And a cartoon of Gus Ferguson’s.

I hope you will enjoy the variations, too, in the age old battle of the genders – ever a hardy perennial in these gardens for these gardeners.

There are a couple of interesting reviews too.
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Four From New Contrast 139

New Contrast 139Here are the editor’s note and four excerpts from New Contrast 139, available from better bookshops and by subscription now.

Editor’s note

Part two of Silke Heiss’ new verse novel, The Griffin Elegy, develops the tale set in the south peninsula. Meanwhile, Silke is hard at work on parts three to eight: the ominous tread of ed’s footstep always near.

Recent years have seen a certain budding, if not flowering, of new writing (in this country). Novels sprout fungi-like from dark places wafting the rich odours of imaginations. Well, so it seems to me. And poetry, too: far from being put off by the understandable reluctance of publishers to bring books of verse to a tiny market, poets do it themselves with the aid of ubiquitous and cheap(er) computers and printers. Chapbooks abound, some very professional-looking. I like this. It spells a readiness to get on with life, to write even when the work may never have (commercial) viability.
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Three Samples from New Contrast 138

New Contrast 138

New Contrast issue 138 is almost on the shelves. Here are three samples from this issue’s crop of contributors (and see the full list of contributors’ names below):

from Griffin Elegy Part 1
by Silke Heiss


It works out well. Drinking and eating are for the taking.
The pics from pap to poulins to financiers
prove this. We record and report on only the best food and drink
nationwide, driving and flying around. In fact,
I hardly need my ‘office’ now. Though we return
to base occasionally, taking stock of the books,
catching up on our admin. On one such occasion Véronique observes,
as we enter by our little picket gate, » read more

New Contrast 138 out this week, 139 before Christmas (I hope)

New Contrast 138 New Contrast 139

Assuming delivery of material will be on time (perhaps a silly assumption, in this silly season of blackouts), New Contrast issue 138 should be available in bookshops later this week; and issue 139 by Christmas.

Here are their covers, with art by Sonja Wilker, and ads by the Unpublished Manuscript Press / SnailPress / Carapace.

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New Contrast Number 137 Table of Contents

New Contrast 137New Contrast 137 has been published, I’m pleased to report, and is in the post for subscribers. It will be available from better bookshops by the end of the week – and is already on the shelves at Clarke‘s on Long Street in Cape Town.

137 features writing from over thirty-five contributors. Click the link below for the complete table of contents, including the titles of the contributions. Here’s an excerpt from Louis Greenberg‘s short story, “Mnandi”: » read more